How We Do It

The Process 
To Achieve Your Purpose


Superior Expertise & Customized Service

With one foot in cause-related marketing and the other foot in successful enterprise operations, 
Gryyt brings new rigor to doing what’s right.


Non-profits deserve the same keys to success as the for-profit sector. In fact, the fragmentation and velocity of communications requires such capabilities. Now you can have those same systems, right-sized for your needs: 
  • Digital marketing platforms
  • Data capture and analysis systems
  • Communications delivery
  • Commerce and transaction platforms


Vision alone isn’t enough to repair the world. You need a plan. Every Gryyt engagement comes with an account representative to answer questions when you have them, and author plans if you need them.
  • Technology audits
  • Marketing plans
  • Communications planning
  • Development and design requirements


Data is the difference between success and failure in today’s marketplace of ideas. The tools to capture and leverage information about virtually any constituency have become increasingly democratized. Gryyt offers the expertise to help you mine that data and better serve your constituents.
  • Digital data capture
  • Third-party data stores
  • Analytical engines


In a world of annual fund drives and loyal donors, it’s easy to fall into habits that leave you ripe for disruption. Gryyt focuses on making disruption work in your favor, as communities become networks and vice versa. Gryyt  has the resources and the experience to provision social change and individual care. 

Let’s discuss how we can help you.

Don’t think of us as an agency. We’re a marketing operations resource. Gryyt offers systems and services on a flat rate and fixed fee basis. Customization is always available if your organization needs it. 
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